Monday, October 02, 2006

Koma spinning tops from Japan

Koma spinning tops from Japan 独楽

Spinning tops are thought to have originated in ancient Egypt about 1000 BC and examples of spinning tops have also been found in Greece dating from 700 BC.

Japanese spinning top - koma
Koma spinning top

Most countries in the world have some tradition of spinning tops.

In Japan they are known as koma 独楽, are usually made of wood and have reached a very high degree of craftship and spinning sophistication over the years. It can be assumed that the spinning top came to Japan from China where they are known as tsa lin. Japanese tops are considered some of the very best in the world with new and inventive designs coming out each year.

Koma spinning tops

Our koma spinning tops are made from wood native to Japan, and are painted by hand.

Great as toys, decorations, or as a collector's item.

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