Thursday, October 19, 2006

Japanese Bamboo Flutes

Japanese Bamboo Flutes

The most well-known Japanese bamboo flute overseas is without doubt the shakuhachi and many Western musicians journey to Japan to begin the long journey to master the instrument's seductive sounds.

Japanese Bamboo Flutes

Many other kinds of bamboo flutes are also produced in Japan and have been for centuries.

The art of bamboo flute-making first came to Japan from China in about the 6th century.

Japanese bamboo flutes can be used to play rock and jazz and not just traditional Japanese music and meditation tunes. Many Western artists have integrated the sound of the Japanese flute into their music.

We offer some of the best hand-crafted Japanese bamboo flutes on the market today - made in Japan with centuries of traditional styling and tuning involved in the flutes' manufacture.

Japanese Kagura Dance Flutes.

A collection of genuine handmade Japanese flutes used in the ritual of the Iwami Kagura dance, a dramatic ritual that originated in the town of Iwami in Shimane prefecture as an appeasement dance for the Shinto gods.

With its long tradition, simply beauty, and pure tone, let the easy-to-play Iwami Kagura flute bring the magic of ancient Japanese dance music to your own fingers, lips and ears.

Prices starting from US$28.99


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