Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Japanese Electronic Dictionaries

Japanese Electronic Dictionaries 電子辞書

Simply stated, Japanese makers Canon, Casio, and Seiko make the best electronic dictionaries. From the number and type of dictionaries that are loaded into any model to key reaction - the speed and ease with any key on the keyboard reacts when touched - are world class.

All come with coating for protection against falls and spills. In addition, most models now come with backlights for use on airplanes or at night.

Japanese Electronic Dictionaries 電子辞書

The Casio models in particular have amazing speed and reaction upon touch. Canon are perhaps the most stylish and, in terms of price, the best value.

For a beginner to the specialist, these models are a joy to use.

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CASIO EX-word DATAPLUS 4 English Guide

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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Kendama けん玉

Kendama, in Japanese literally "spike ball" is a game of French origin called bilboquet and known in English as "cup and ball".

Official Kendama

The wooden hammer-shaped toy has a ball with a hole in it (tama) attached to the hammer with string, this rests on a spike (ken) at the top of the hammer.

The object of this Japanese game of skill is to try to catch the ball in the cup, while performing a variety of tricks and wrist flicks. The game has recently seen a surge of popularity and is a fun skill to master and a hit at parties. The different tricks require a sustained degree of concentration and perseverance.

Our kendama are officially sanctioned by the Japanese Kendama Association.

Choose from four different ball colors: Blue, Black, Plain Wood, Red

For more information on kendama moves, please visit the Association's web site:


Kendama from Japan.

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Kendama from Japan.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Daruma Dolls From Japan

Daruma Dolls 達磨人形

Daruma dolls are symbols of good fortune, determination and optimism for the future.

Daruma doll

The figure portrayed in the dolls is Bodhidharma. Legend has it that Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk from south India, traveled to China where he became the founder of Chan (later Zen Buddhism). While meditating, the monk's limbs atrophied and he lost the use of his arms and legs, hence the Daruma dolls are made without both arms and legs.

Due to their low center of gravity these roly-poly dolls are difficult to push over and just bounce back to their original position. This symbolizes Bodhidharma's perseverance and strong will-power and inspires the possessor of a daruma doll to keep on trying.

Daruma Dolls

Normally red and white hand-painted papier-mache with a whispy black beard and moustache, bushy eyebrows and no pupils, Daruma dolls are often purchased at temples when someone is hoping for a successful outcome in life - be it finding a partner, giving birth, passing an exam or achieving success in business.

The hopeful aspirant paints in one of the blank eyes and when the wish comes true paints in the other one.

Daruma dolls are great fun for kids and also make for authentic ethnic ornaments - and make your dreams come true!

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Large Daruma From Gunma Prefecture.
Large Daruma From Gunma Prefecture

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Festival Happi Coats

Festival Happi Coats 法被

A happi is a baggy-sleeved short cotton jacket, tied with a sash around the waist, it is now worn mainly on festive occasions in Japan. It is usually a plain color, typically blue, with a symbol printed on the lapels and on the back. The happi coat is the traditional costume normally worn by Japanese today ­at least as much as, if not more than, the kimono.

Festival Happi Coats 法被

The obi belt is brown with a pattern of white diamonds.

SIZES 1 inch is approximately 2.54 centimeters.

Children's S size (CS). Length 45 cm; width 33 cm; Age: 2-3 (height: 110 cm)

Children's M size (CM). Length 50 cm; width 34 cm; Age: 4-6 (height: 120 cm)

Children's L size (CL). Length 60 cm; width 40 cm; Age: 7-10 (height: 130 cm)

Children's XL size (CXL). Length 65 cm; width 50 cm; Age: 11-13 (height: 140 cm)

Junior size (J). Length 73 cm; width 55 cm; Age: 14-16 (height: 150 cm)

Adult's M size (AM). Length 80 cm; width 59 cm (height: 160 cm)

Adult's L size (AL). Length 85 cm; width 64 cm (height: 170 cm)

Adult's XL size (AXL). Length 95 cm; Width: 70 cm (height: 180 cm)

Festival Happi Coats

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Seiko Sportura SNA453P1

Seiko Sportura SNA453P1

This is one of Seiko's most popular models. A sporty and fashionable watch, tough and cool.

This is product is shipped directly from Japan. Manuals, etc., are in Japanese.

Seiko Sportura SNA453P1

* Quartz Mood Light
* Stop Watch
* Water Proof to 10 ATM
* Sapphire Glass
* Stainless Steel Case
* Leather Band
* Accurate to 15 Seconds a month
Size : 42 x 10 : 1.65 inches wide 1.39 inches wide x 0.4 inches wide.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Japanese Electronic Dictionaries The Best

Japanese Electronic Dictionaries The Best 電子辞書

The lowest prices, the best models, the most reliable delivery.

Electronic Dictionaries From Japan

For Canon, Casio, Sharp, and Seiko Japanese-English, Japanese-Chinese, Japanese-Korean, Japanese-French and many more types of electronic dictionary.

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