Monday, November 12, 2012

Small Car Parts From Japan

Small Car Parts From Japan - Bringing You the Best of Japanese Engineering

Amazon Japan stocks a large variety of small car parts from such makers as Dixcel (brake pads, brake rotors), Tein, Kakimoto Racing, Fujitsubo, Defi and Alfit.

GoodsFromJapan can help you source and purchase small car parts from Amazon Japan or Yahoo auctions or direct from the parts makers.

Note: As a rule we do not deal with large items such as engines, gear boxes, wheels or exhaust systems.


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0

Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0

The Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0 cable and similar cables often come up for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0

- Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0 cable specifications and features
- Oxygen-free copper (OFC)-plated signal line and power source/ground line.
- Gold-plated contacts for enhanced durability/reliability.
- Hanenite™ and Hybrar™ hybrid conductor for reduction of unwanted oscillation.
- Thoroughgoing damping settings possible with Hanenite™-lined connectors.
- Heat-resistant to 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit).
- Resilient double sheathing of copper tape and OFC braided shield.
- USB2.0 compliant.

Rexat  AT7797/1.0

Hardly any Yahoo Auctions Japan sellers will deal with buyers outside Japan.

That is where GoodsFromJapan comes in.

GoodsFromJapan deals with the seller on your behalf: does the bidding for you, communicates with the seller on your behalf, receives the goods and forwards them to you - all for a reasonable fee and a totally transparent payment structure.

USB cable Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0

Also, GoodsFromJapan will communicate with you promptly - no days off. Secure packing. Good communication. Years of experience. Satisfied, loyal customers.

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