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BIGBANG - Hajimari no Sayonara live tour tickets

BIGBANG - Hajimari no Sayonara live tour tickets

BIGBANG 始まりのさようなら

Get tickets for BigBang's Hajimari no Sayonara Tour.
BIGBANG - coming to Japan at the end of this year

Big Bang is a five-boy Korean boy band that formed in 2006 under the umbrella of the YG Entertainment company.

Big Bang has a distinctive style and charisma that sets it apart from the usual cookie-cutter Asian boyband - a quality that has earned the band a lot of money (more than USD40 million by some estimates) and has seen BigBang achieve an almost unheard of longevity for boy bands - a full decade!

BigBang is coming to Japan this December for its Hajimari no Sayonara live tour. Dates are as follows:
November 6 at Tokyo Dome
November 20 and December 11 at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome
November 26 and December 28/29 at Kyocera Dome Osaka
December 4 at Nagoya Dome.

Big Bang is coming to Japan in December. Get tickets from GoodsFromJapan.
Big Bang - Hajimari no Sayonara, happening in November and December throughout Japan.

Fan club tickets have already sold out on the official sales site, but some are still available from ticket resellers.

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Get tickets for Big Bang -coming to Japan in November & December 2016.
Get tickets for Big coming to Japan in November & December 2016.

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