Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Randoseru Japanese Elementary School Backpacks


Randoseru (ランドセル) are stiff, leather backpacks used by Japanese elementary school children from ages 6 to 12.

They are exceptionally well-made and are expected to last for the whole of a child's elementary school education.

The range in price up to 800 USD for the very best made-in-Japan quality.


The Name

The origin of the loan word randoseru is not clear. It may derive from the German Ranzen or Dutch ransel which both mean "backpack" or "satchel".

Another possibility is that the word comes from the German Landser or soldier as the Japanese backpack has some similarity to a Landser's equipment bag.

The practice of elementary children carrying randoseru began at the Gakushuin (学習院) or Peers School in Tokyo, at the time an elite institution for educating children from the highest levels of Japanese society.

Randoseru now come in a variety of colors
Randoseru now come in a variety of colors, though black and red are standard


Randoseru now come in a variety of colors but the standards are navy blue or black for boys and red for girls.

Yellow covers are sometimes seen over the backpack to protect them from the rain and also to increase visibility on roads where there are no sidewalks.

They can be found all year round in department stores but are often purchased in the spring before the school year begins in April.

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The best randoseru are hand-made in a time-consuming process.

GoodsFromJapan has randoseru on sale or if you are looking for a specific color please contact us.

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ランドセル人気 再燃

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

We love Natto!

We love Natto!




We love natto!
コロナにも勝つ? 注目の納豆菌 S903




でも私の知る限り、一度食べ慣れると、外国の方も結構 Natto 好きですよ。


英国人やオーストラリア人にはしょっぱさが Marmite というビール酵母を主原料としたスプレッドに似ているらしく、懐かしさも感じるようです。




Natto Supplement Capsules | Goods From Japan

Natto Supplement Capsules



納豆はまさに毎日食べずにいられないdaily foodsなんですね。お豆腐みたいに、早く外国のスーパーにも置いてほしい!

Natto Powder

Natto Supplement Capsules | Goods From Japan

Natto Powder | Goods From Japan

Monday, October 11, 2021

Japan's Wholly Edible Organic Banana

Japan's Wholly Edible Organic Banana

We think we know bananas, but you don't know them properly until you've met the "Next 716" from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. This very expensive banana is not only cultivated organically, i.e., completely chemical-free, but you can also eat the skin!

Next 716 organic Japanese banana in its own box.
"Next 716" organic Japanese banana.

We splashed out and tried a "Next 716" at our local supermarket here in Tokyo. It looked beautiful and, this being Japan, it was beautifully packaged in its own special box.

As you can see from the photo of the banana in the box, it wasn't quite ripe when we bought it, so we gave it four or five days.

When it had turned a beautiful golden-yellow, we cut it up - skin and all - and put it on our breakfast. 

A ripe Next 716 organic Japanese banana.
A ripe "Next 716" organic Japanese banana.

We were most interested in how the skin would taste. Well, it certainly wasn't as sweet as the deliciously sweet banana itself, but it wasn't face-screwingly bitter either. In other words, they had done a pretty good job of making the skin edible.

And, of course, with no chemicals used in cultivating the banana, there is no risk of ingesting chemicals by eating the skin.

Would we buy the "Next 716" again? Yes, if we were trying to impress a visitor with a uniquely Japanese product! (Or, should we say, a uniquely Japanese version of what is originally a South-East Asian product.)

The "Next 716" was by far the most delicious banana we've ever tasted and is a lesser-known food delicacy that any visitor to Japan should try.

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