Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Noren For Shops Made To Order

Noren For Shops Made To Order

If you need a traditional Japanese shop or restaurant noren curtain made to order please contact us with some idea of the design you would like: size, colors, lettering and we can design a suitable number of choices to select from.

Noren For Shops Made To Order.

All our noren are made in 100% cotton and hand dyed in a traditional process.

We can also make vertical flags and banners in vinyl for outside use.

Give your shop or business a Japanese flavor!

Japan Noren


Kyoto Noren

Tohoku Noren


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Buying Second Hand and Vintage Books from Japan

Buying Second Hand and Vintage Books from Japan 中古本

Japan is a land of enthusiasts, and has more than its fair share of bookworms. Japan therefore has a wealth of second-hand book shops stocking usually very well preserved books in fair to excellent condition and covering as many topics as you can think of.

Most second hand book stores in Japan are very small, individually owned businesses catering exclusively to the busy domestic market. Therefore, vintage book stores in Japan are not motivated to offer their services to the overseas buyer, and usually shy away from foreign transactions because of the language barrier, the perceived risks involved in terms of payment security, and potential problems with delivery.

GoodsFromJapan regularly comes to the rescue of buyers in overseas countries who wish to purchase second-hand vintage books from Japan.

GoodsFromJapan's reliable proxy service charges a base fee of 1,200 yen (about nine dollars eighty cents, or nine euros, at today's exchange rate) plus 10% of the cost of [book + domestic freight].

Therefore, a 7,500 yen book would cost the overseas buyer as follows. (Please note that the book price, domestic freight price and international postage prices shown here are estimates, for illustrative purposes only):
7,500 yen for the book (estimate)
  600 yen sales tax levied by the Japanese government (8% at present)
  500 yen for domestic freight (estimate)
2,060 yen for the GoodsFromJapan commission (1,200 yen + 860 yen, i.e., 10% of the cost of [book + domestic freight])
2,400 yen for EMS postage (estimate based on 1kg to the USA)
  548 yen international surcharge (4.2% of the 13,060 yen subtotal)
13,608 yen TOTAL (illustrative estimate)

Books are sent using Japan Post's EMS service. Books usually arrive within 3 days, 5 days at maximum. EMS goods are fully insured and traceable online using a unique number.
EMS international postage rate schedule

GoodsFromJapan packs your valuable books very securely, but as lightly as possible to keep the postage down. We have never had a single incident of books being lost or damaged in transit, so your book purchase is safe with us.

GoodsFromJapan uses PayPal for payment.

Did you see a book on a Japanese website that you need? Please contact GoodsFromJapan. Our personalized, secure and efficient English-language service is guaranteed to satisfy.

Read more about the GoodsFromJapan Proxy Shipping & Forwarding from Japan


Monday, April 20, 2015

Happi Coats For Schools

Happi Coats For Schools

GoodsFromJapan has delivered many orders of happi coats and hachimaki headbands for Japanese Days in schools all over the world, though primarily to the USA.

Happi Coats For Schools.
Happy はっぴ!

We offer a substantial academic reduction for bulk orders.

It is always nice to have positive feedback and hear back from the schools. Here the kids at The Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES) look to be having fun at their original Okinawa Eisa Dance.

Contact Us

Please contact us to purchase original Japanese happi coats with an academic discount.

Festival Happi Coats

Read more about Japan's favorite festival wear


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning

Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning

Maneki neko beckoning cats can be found with either left or right paw raised and sometimes with both hands raised in a "banzai" pose.


Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning.
Left hand raised

What is the difference in significance between a maneki neko cat with its left hand raised as opposed to the right hand?

Originally maneki neko had their left hands raised as Japanese traditionally drank from sake cups with their left hands and poured it with their right hands. To be called a left-hander or "lefty" was to be acknowledged as a drinker and socialite.

Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning.
Right hand raised

Thus left hand raised has the meaning of beckoning friends and welcoming good fortune, happiness and harmony.

Maneki neko with their right hands raised came later and signifies a wish for good luck financially as money was handled with the right hand.

GoodsFromJapan has a large selection of both ceramic and solar maneki neko beckoning cats.

Maneki Neko
Maneki neko

Maneki Neko
Cute cat.
Cute cat


Monday, March 23, 2015

Migusa Floor Mats Sucree Collection 6 Colors

Migusa Floor Mats Sucree Collection 6 Colors

The Sucree collection of Migusa floor mats are available in a range of bright and breezy pop-inspired designs.

Create your own interior design from multiple colors: Orange, Peach, Grape, Melon, Soda, Mix.

Migusa Floor Mats Sucree Orange.

Sucree Orange

Sucree Peach.

Sucree Peach

Sucree Grape.

Sucree Grape

Sucree Melon.

Sucree Melon

Sucree Soda.

Sucree Soda

Sucree Mix.

Sucree Mix


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Migusa Floor Mats 9 Basic Colors

Migusa Floor Mats 9 Basic Colors

Migusa floor mats come in nine basic colors: Meseki Green, Meseki Leaf Green, Meseki Yellow, Meseki Ivory, Meseki Mocha Beige, Meseki Pink, Meseki Gray, Meseki Blue Violet and Meseki Charcoal.

Meseki Green
Meseki Green

Meseki Leaf Green.
Meseki Leaf Green

Meseki Yellow.
Meseki Yellow

Meseki Ivory.
Meseki Ivory

Meseki Mocha Beige.
Meseki Mocha Beige

Meseki Pink.
Meseki Pink

Meseki Gray.
Meseki Gray

Meseki Blue Violet.
Meseki Blue Violet

Meseki Charcoal.
Meseki Charcoal


Yatsushiro & Tatami


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Psycho-Pass Products From Amazon Japan

Psycho-Pass Products From Amazon Japan サイコパス

Psycho-Pass products are a popular recent item on

Psycho Pass Products From Amazon Japan.

Psycho-Pass is a popular anime TV series and now movie in Japan. The story is set in an authoritarian, dystopian future in 2113 where sensors scan the "pyscho-pass" of every citizen to see if they are about to commit crimes or have the potential to commit crimes.

Criminals are tracked by officers of the Public Safety Bureau who carry hand weapons called Dominators.

Psycho-Pass Products From Amazon Japan.

Characters who star in the series include Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami and Shogo Makishima.

Products related to the Psycho-Pass series include books, DVDs, manga, model Dominator guns, key holders and phone charms.

Have you seen a Psycho-Pass item you want on Amazon Japan, Yahoo Auctions Japan or elsewhere? Contact GoodsFromJapan for an obligation-free quote.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh

See a host of our sushi lanterns at a branch of Yo! Sushi in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.
Lanterns on show

Yo! Sushi is Britain's biggest sushi chain serving the most delicious, fresh sushi in the country.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.

Our sushi lanterns grace restaurants in the USA, UAE, Britain, Denmark, Thailand and Australia.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.

If you wish to give an authentic Japanese feel to your restaurant, cafe or bar please contact us for information on bulk orders.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.


Washi Lanterns