Saturday, January 27, 2007


Kendama けん玉

Kendama, in Japanese literally "spike ball" is a game of French origin called bilboquet and known in English as "cup and ball".

Official Kendama

The wooden hammer-shaped toy has a ball with a hole in it (tama) attached to the hammer with string, this rests on a spike (ken) at the top of the hammer.

The object of this Japanese game of skill is to try to catch the ball in the cup, while performing a variety of tricks and wrist flicks. The game has recently seen a surge of popularity and is a fun skill to master and a hit at parties. The different tricks require a sustained degree of concentration and perseverance.

Our kendama are officially sanctioned by the Japanese Kendama Association.

Choose from four different ball colors: Blue, Black, Plain Wood, Red

For more information on kendama moves, please visit the Association's web site:

Kendama from Japan.

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Buy Official Kendama From Japan in 4 Colors

Kendama from Japan.


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