Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Japanese Teasets

Japanese Teasets

Japanese ceramic tea sets are known for their fine quality around the world.

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Japanese Green Tea

Camellia Tea Set

Our fine tea sets are produced in Tokoname just south of Nagoya.

Tokoname is one of the six historic pottery centers (The Six Ancient Kilns) of Japan. The others are: Bizen, Echizen, Seto, Shigaraki and Tamba.

Pottery making has a history of over 900 years in the Tokoname district and tokoname-yaki products from the area have been transported throughout Japan for centuries by sea from this coastal area and location now of the offshore Chubu International Airport.

Tokoname is credited as the birthplace of the distinctive red clay teapot.

Choose from a range of finely glazed and hand-painted Japanese tea-sets.

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