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Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning

Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning

Maneki neko beckoning cats can be found with either left or right paw raised and sometimes with both hands raised in a "banzai" pose.


Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning.
Left hand raised

What is the difference in significance between a maneki neko cat with its left hand raised as opposed to the right hand?

Originally maneki neko had their left hands raised as Japanese traditionally drank from sake cups with their left hands and poured it with their right hands. To be called a left-hander or "lefty" was to be acknowledged as a drinker and socialite.

Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning.
Right hand raised

Thus left hand raised has the meaning of beckoning friends and welcoming good fortune, happiness and harmony.

Maneki neko with their right hands raised came later and signifies a wish for good luck financially as money was handled with the right hand.

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Maneki Neko
Maneki neko

Maneki Neko
Cute cat.
Cute cat


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