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Gundam figurines from Amazon & Yahoo

Gundam figurines from Amazon Japan & Yahoo Auctions

Gundam figurines are a popular item on GoodsFromJapan.com.

Mobile Suit Gundam.

"Gundam" originates from a Japanese TV "space opera" series, Mobile Suit Gundam, created by the Sunrise group of animators, that first appeared on the Japanese airwaves: the Nagoya Broadcasting Network, back in April 1979 (when Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" was top of the pops).

In the three decades since then, the Gundam franchise has blossomed to cover a range of media such as video games, movies, manga comics, and figurines.

A Gundam is, as the TV series title says, a "mobile suit"—the ultimate power suit in that it equips the wearer (really the "pilot") with the ability to access places, protect and shoot to kill as only a machine can.

One of the Gundam saga's major attractions is that these otherwise highly fantastical machines are firmly grounded in real world physics and mechanics. They run out of power, they wear out, they need reloading with ammunition. This is paralleled by a realistic human drama that goes on between the Gundam "wearers," whose personalities and ways of doing things change over time and with experience.

There are countless models of Gundam Mobile Suit, and all of them are available as plastic models, either do-it-yourself or ready-assembled. Gundam figurines from Japan are very high quality, intricately molded, and beautifully painted. Gundam models portray the ultimate blend of brute force and sophisticated styling.

Mobile Suit Gundam.

GoodsFromJapan gets regular requests from overseas customers for Gundam figurines available new or second-hand on Yahoo Auctions Japan or Amazon Japan: both of which are generally cater to the Japanese domestic market only.

GoodsFromJapan requires pre-payment by PayPay, then we purchase (or in the case of the typical auction, bid) on behalf of you the customer. We then safely and securely repack the goods for sending overseas, and dispatch them using the 100% reliable, super-fast JapanPost EMS service, trackable online and fully insured.

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