Wednesday, July 09, 2014

REVOLTECH DANBOARD - a cute cardboard robot from Japan

REVOLTECH DANBOARD - a cute cardboard robot from Japan リボルテックダンボー

The adorable Revoltech Danboard ("danboard" meaning "cardboard" in Japanese for "cardboard robot") has become a hit both in Japan and overseas. GoodsFromJapan has been receiving numerous purchase requests for the cute battery-powered Revoltech Danboard, and has shipped them out to many satisfied customers.

Being battery-powered, the Revoltech Danboard moves his limbs and his eyes light up!

Few products fuse the pedestrian simplicity of the cardboard box, the high-tech cutting-edge image of the robot, and the must-have adorableness of a children's toy into a single, unique product so adeptly.

The Danbo Robot is the creation of Japan's Yotuba Sutazio (i.e., Yotsuba Studio) and features in its "Yotsuba" mange. The Revoltech Danboard comes in various sizes and styles.  There is an Amazon Japan-only version of the Revoltech Danboard, a Pepsi version, a "plain-pack" version, a "Mandarin orange carton" version, and more.

The Revoltech Danboard is so popular that there is high demand for it even as a second-hand item. Revoltech Danboard has clearly become a hit with collectors of kawaii products from Japan.

Contact Us

If you are trying to get hold of a Revoltech Danboard, please contact us at GoodsFromJapan. We charge a reasonable 1,200 yen basic handling fee for buying it on your behalf, plus 10% of the cost of the goods, and ship it to you via the Japan Post's secure EMS service, trackable online.

(Please understand that we cannot send batteries in the post. You will have to put them in yourself.)


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