Monday, January 20, 2014

Beams T-shirts from Japan

Beams T-shirts from Japan

Beams T-shirts from Japan
Beams T-shirts from Japan

Few Japanese T-shirt makers come out with as wide a line-up of cool T-shirts as BEAMS - the now-international Japanese clothing brand that started off in Tokyo's stylish Harajuku youth fashion district.

Beams produces the full range of fashion clothing for men and women, but it is the Beams T-shirts in particular that make a statement - and for which we at GoodsFromJapan get regular inquiries.

Beams' imaginative T-shirts combine a cool message with a very cool look - or should that be "looks." The range is huge, and whether its cutsey, streety, plain or over-the-top, you'll find a Beams T-shirt right for you or that someone special.

The number of street and skateboard and other artists and designers represented in the Beams T-shirt line-up is astounding: Shuntaro Takeuchi,  Palm Graphics, Wolves Kill Sheep, NuGgets, JT & Co., NexusVII, Welcome to the Suck, Aloye, Comic Band Orchestra, Militant Pacifist, Loser Machine, Scumco & Suns, The Quiet Life, Koichiro Takagi, Stefan Marx, Raw and many more.

To check out some of Beams way cool T-shirts, go to the Beams Japan website and  paste "Tシャツ" into the search box.

Beams doesn't ship overseas, so GoodsFromJapan provides a service that is reasonably priced (1,200 yen + 10% of cost of the goods), efficient (payable by PayPal, and using EMS postal service, trackable online, fully insured, and with you in about 5 days) and reliable (thousands of happy customers) to get Beams T-shirts to you, wherever you are in the world.

Contact us when you find that must-have Beams T-shirt from Japan.


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