Sunday, April 23, 2017

Adorable Alpacasso Plushies

Adorable Alpacasso Plushies

Alpacasso Tissue Box plushie in rainbow colors.
Alpacasso Tissue Box holder plushie in rainbow colors.

Look up "alpaca" online and you'll discover a real-life, super-cute sheeplike animal from South America that - although lamb-like in appearance - is actually related to the camel family!

Alpacasso are characters are inspired by the alpaca, and are created by Japanese plushie maker Amuse!

Soft, loveable Alpacasso plushies come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Pictured here is the Alpacasso Tissue Cover in rainbow colors. The tissue box has been placed beside the Alpacasso in the photo to give you an idea of size. The box actually goes inside the Alpacasso Tissue Holder and the tissues come out through the slot in its back.

Rainbow colored Alpacasso Tissue Box holder.
Rainbow Alpacasso Tissue Box holder (tissue box goes inside).

The Alpacasso Tissue Cover, Rainbow and many other kinds of cute Alpacasso are available for sale, delivered directly to your door, from the GoodsFromJapan online store.

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