Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beautiful Commemorative Japanese Stamps

Beautiful Commemorative Japanese Stamps

Japan is a nation of enthusiasts, collectors,and - in what has almost become an English word - otaku, or "nerds." Japanese boys traditionally collect and rear stag beetles which they stage fights between, Japanese girls have traditionally loved their dolls, and in modern Japan this love of discovery and acquisition has extended to the full panoply of comsumables available to well-off, almost universally "middle-class," Japan.

Among the collectables that the Japanese do particularly well are postage stamps.

Philately is alive and well in Japan, which has its fair share of stamp museums to reflect the popular (if not overwhelmingly so) interest among Japanese people in stamps of Japan and the world.

There is a regular output of commemorative stamps by Japan Post, all of them distinguished by their richness and/or subtly of coloring, their imaginative design and impeccable production.

Pictured here are some commemorative stamp issues from the past, celebrating the postal service, Japanese calligraphy and letter writing.

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