Sunday, October 21, 2012

Buying From Amazon Japan

Buying From Amazon Japan - Proxy Service

Goods From Japan specializes in purchasing items from Amazon Japan and Yahoo Auctions.

We offer a very personalized service where the client is treated as a valued customer and not just another number in an automated and confusing system.

Some of the items we have purchased for our clients include Victor VHS tapes, tickets for events and concerts in Tokyo and other Japanese cities, watches, Epson scanners, Anime goods and figures, manga such as Fate / Prototype Tribute Phantasm, Sharp X68000 computers, Japanese OS Dell laptops, Ultrabooks, webmoney, puffer fish lanterns, DVDs, music CDs, car audio and stereo.

Fate / Prototype Tribute Phantasm manga

Basically we can find and purchase on your behalf almost anything from Japan though we are no longer dealing with large car engines though articles less than 150cm in length and 30kg in weight are fine.

Buying From Amazon Japan

Take the pain out of buying goods from Japan with Goods From

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m said...


Is this a shopping service? Can I buy something from a different site? What are your fees?

Thank you

The Visitor said...

Hello. This is a shopping service. Our fees can be seen if you follow the link in the text. You can buy something from a different site.