Monday, September 03, 2012

Tatami A New Japanese Flooring

Tatami A New Japanese Flooring

For over a decade Goods From Japan have been offering high quality tatami flooring for a growing number of global clients.

Goods From Japan

We have supplied tatami boards for Japanese restaurants in the Middle East and the UK, flooring for Japanese tea houses in Europe, bedroom carpets for New York and Toronto apartments and even a tatami concrete mold for a swimming pool in Florida.

Tatami mats are not cheap as the igusa reeds needed to make them become less in the river valleys of Japan and the master craftsmen who weave them grow older.

Tatami mats from Japan

However our producers combine the best of old, wise heads with over 60 years in the business and their new and enthusiastic disciples. See our team in the images here and contact GFJ for all your tatami needs.

Our Japanese tatami mats simply the best there are.

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