Sunday, July 10, 2011

Platform Sneakers From Harajuku

Platform Sneakers From Harajuku

These two-tier or three-tier platform sneakers are order made in Harajuku, one of Tokyo's most fashionable shopping areas for youth fashion.

Colors available include red, white and black (though other colors may be a possibility). Let us know your size and color and allow 2 weeks for the sneakers to be made.

Prices are 250 USD for the two-tier sneakers and 260 USD for the three tier sneakers. Boxed weight of the sneakers is 3kg.

Please contact us if you wish to order some cool footwear from Harajuku, Tokyo.



amy.kang said...

Hi there, ive been searching for these everywhere... are they still available???

The Visitor said...

Yes, they are still available.