Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buy Books From Amazon Japan

Buy Books From Amazon Japan

Do you need to buy a book from Amazon Japan and have it sent to your address in the USA or another country. Let us take care of it for you.

1. For one-off book purchases

The client pays:

1. cost of the item/s + domestic shipping
2. the cost of EMS shipping
3. a service charge of either:
a. 1200 yen (c.USD14) (for orders under 26,666 yen**) + 10% of the item cost.

Thus if you want to buy this book Official Factory Guide to Building Ford Short-Track Power: How to Build Winning Short-Track Engines for Claimer Class, Spec Series, and Sportsman Racing (S-a Design) from Amazon Japan. The cost is 2,064 yen or 24.84 USD. So you will pay 24.84 USD + 14 USD fee plus 2.84 USD plus postage to you. Total 41.68 USD plus postage.

Buy Books From Amazon Japan.

If you buy more items you will only be charged ONCE.

GoodsFromJapan will purchase the book for you on Amazon Japan, receive the item, repackage if necessary and send you the item with EMS tracking.


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