Friday, January 30, 2009

Japanese Ukiyoe Playing Cards

Japanese Ukiyoe Playing Cards 浮世絵

Ukiyo-e "pictures of the floating world" were mass produced woodblock prints of the Edo Period (1603-1868) typically featuring courtesans of the entertainment districts in Japan's main cities.

Japanese Ukiyoe Playing Cards

Famous Ukiyo-e Artists

Famous artists of the ukiyo-e genre included Hokusai, Hiroshige, Sharaku and Utamaro.

Japanese Ukiyoe Playing Cards

The prints are done in bold and striking colors and are here replicated on these Japanese playing cards. Many of the themes are of women in loose kimono revealing their breasts, whil putting on their make-up, smoking and chatting.

Japanese Ukiyoe Playing Cards

Ukiyo-e Playing cards



Unknown said...


My name is Phuong Le, i am looking for kind of Ukiyoe Japanese playing
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The Visitor said...

Yes, our stock is the same as the one you require Ukiyoe Playing Cards