Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shibori Tie-Dye From Arimatsu

Shibori Tie-Dye From Arimatsu 絞り

Shibori (shaped-resist dyeing) is an historic Japanese craft which involves elaborate stitching before the fabric is dyed, often with natural plant-based dyes such as indigo.

Classic Shibori Design Tablecloth

The numerous different techniques of shibori sees the artisan draw up portions of cloth and tie each shape with cotton thread, sometimes a metal hook, wooden pole or shorter dowel is used to tie and bind the cloth.

Each technique produces a different shape and motif; arashi shibori, miura shibori, boshi shibori and kumo shibori are some of the most well-known methods.

Shibori bag
Shibori bag

GoodsFromJapan's shibori products come from Arimatsu in Aichi Prefecture, which is Japan's leading production center of shibori tie-dye and has been since the 17th century, since Takeda Shokuro, a native of Kyushu, moved to the Arimatsu area in south-east Nagoya as a worker employed building nearby Nagoya Castle.

New 2016 Designs For Arimatsu Shibori Ladies Bags.
Shibori handbag

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